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The Boat

Logo TIKI DIVE plongée Cavalaire

Tiki Dive has all the comforts to make the most of your

enjoy your stay on board:

  • Spacious aft cockpit,

  • Interior square with equipped kitchen,

  • 1 VIP cabin "Tiki Dive master",

  • 3 double cabins,

  • 2 bathrooms,

  • 2 sun decks,

  • Easy launching from the platform & hot shower at the exit,

  • No tedious transport of materials !

bateau intérieur
TIKI DIVE plongée Cavalaire

For half-day, day or stay, enjoy a comfortable service.


You decide your stay ! The choice of your route, dive sites*.

To adapt to your wishes, the number of people on board is only 12 people and 8 in accommodation on board.

*For your safety, the choices are subject to weather conditions and the agreement of the diving director.

avant bateau
Tampon TIKI DIVE plongée Cavalaire

Boat equipped with 2 COLTRI compressors of 9 and 12 m3/hour.

4 buffers of 50 liters inflated to 300 bars. 

Equipement TIKI DIVE plongée Cavalaire

Equipment available on board:

  • 15 blocks distributed between 12 and 15 liters

  • Children's blocks 6, 8 and 10 liters

  • 3 blocks 15 liters Nitrox

  • Decompression blocks

  • 15 vests

  • 20 suits of all sizes.

  • 9 regulators revised annually.

  • Fins, masks and snorkels to equip all divers.

Mares TIKI DIVE plongée Cavalaire

Mares diving center

Preservation of the environment :


  • Selective sorting of waste on board. 

  • No single-use dishes, reusable cups. 

  • Use of disinfectant product for diving equipment that is over 96% biodegradable. AbyssNaut 

  • Boat maintenance product, 98% biodegradable,CLEAN-BOAT.

  • Anticipate and reduce hydrocarbon pollution in the hold thanks to the recycled hair pads, ECOFHAIR.

  • Neoprene recovery center to give a second life. Transformation of wetsuits to protect the homeless from the cold or as various objects.

eco fhair
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