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Our general terms and conditions of sale



226 Avenue de la Castillane 83240 CAVALAIRE SUR MER


SIRET 880 714 597 R.C.S. Fréjus represented by JOUBERT Fabien



The company SAS SEA PROJECT, trade name " TIKI DIVE " is an approved structure offering all services related to marine and submarine leisure, teak and professional activities in natural and artificial environment.


1. Scope of application

The general conditions of sale described below detail the rights and obligations of SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" and its clients (individuals, groups, companies or state bodies) in the context of the sale of services or products.

Any service provided by SAS SEA PROJECT+ "TIKI DIVE" implies the buyer's unreserved adherence to these general terms and conditions of sale.

A version of the general conditions of sale is available and accessible in the contact section on the website


2. Acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sale

By contracting a service or a product offered by SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE ", the customer accepts the present general conditions of sale and declares that he is aware of the counter-indications to scuba diving and that he is fit to practice it.

He is also able to present a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of scuba diving less than one year old. This does not apply to exploration dives, baptisms, discovery packs, 12-meter supervised diver qualification, nor to aquatic excursions (or "aquatic walks" or "snorkeling").

A minor customer must have parental authorization to perform the service he or she has ordered with SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE".

All participants agree to respect the supervision instructions and regulations in force, the sports code (Art. A. 322-71. to Art. A. 322-101) as well as the charter of the Port Cros National Park.

SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" has the right to refuse a service to a client whose physical or psychological state of health would be in contraindication with the practice of the activity.


3. Rates

All prices shown are in euros and include all taxes (VAT included).

The applicable rate invoiced by SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" to the customer is that in force on the day of the customer's reservation request, within the limit of the calendar year concerned.

SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the products ordered are invoiced at the price in force at the time the order is recorded and are only valid for the calendar of the current calendar year proposed by SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE".

Gift vouchers are non-refundable but can be exchanged for another service of equivalent value.

A non-availability or cancellation by the client of the entire service paid in accordance with the calendar will not entitle the client to a refund from SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE".

The Dive Packages are nominative and can only be used by one diver.

The price of the exploration dives includes transportation to the dive site by boat, if necessary, the lead belt, the weights and the air-inflated tank. Nitrox inflation is extra.

The exploration diving rate does not include the supply of the rest of the equipment (wetsuit, fins, mask, vest, regulator, octopus, computer, parachute, etc...), the rental of the services of an instructor for the supervision of the dives, if necessary, the supplements related to the characteristics of the dive(s), and without this being exhaustive: Port-Cros - Porquerolles National Park supplement, day trip, double tank dive, night dive, etc...

The price of the training dives includes the supervision of the practical and theoretical courses at sea, transportation to the dive site by boat, if necessary, the lead belt, the weights and the air inflated tank. It does not include the supplements related to the characteristics of the dive(s), and without this being exhaustive: Port-Cros - Porquerolles National Park supplement, day trip, double tank dive, night dive, etc...

Only FFESSM courses for supervised 12-meter, level 1 divers and SSI Basic Diver, Scuba Diver and Open Water courses include the loan of activity specific diving equipment and logbook.

The price does not include for the FFESSM :

- The plasticized certification card

- The license

The rate does not include for SSI:

- The online digital supports of the theoretical courses called digital pedagogical kit

- Digital certification fees

- The laminated certification card (optional)

All diving equipment is available for rent: wetsuit, shorty, regulator, stabilizer vest, lamp, dive computer, tank, landing parachute, lead belt and weights at the price indicated on the website and displayed on site.

In case of loss or damage, the diver commits himself to replace the concerned material in the same way or to use his insurance in order to proceed to the replacement of the object in question. By taking out an equipment rental contract, the customer agrees to accept these conditions.


4. Reservations

The client's reservation will be definitively registered after payment of a deposit of 30% to 33% of the total amount within 8 days following the date of reservation by email or telephone.

The balance must be paid at the latest on arrival at the diving center, before the diving service.

As soon as the reservation is registered, an e-mail confirming the receipt of the deposit will be sent to the client, together with the deposit invoice, specifying the dates of the service for the follow-up of the reservation.

SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE " reserves the right to refuse any reservation from a client with whom there is a dispute.

The payment of the deposit or the total amount of the reservation can be made by :

- Bank check payable to SAS SEA PROJECT or TIKI DIVE.

- Bank transfer IBAN: FR76 1009 6183 4200 0332 2170 292 Swift code: CMCIFRPP

- Species

In the event that an issued payment voucher is not honored, the costs related to the management of the unpaid amount (rejection fees, ...) will be charged to the customer by the Seller and the order will be automatically cancelled, the customer being notified by e-mail.


5. Conditions of the activity

The meeting place is the boat of the diving center location Q04 quai Patrice MARTIN 83 240 Cavalaire sur mer.

The given schedule is at which the client must report to the boat (15 minutes before departure).

The activity takes place with a departure at the following times, in general and unless otherwise specified :

In ½ day: from 09:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:00.

During the day with lunch from 09h00 to 17h00.

Any delay of the customer will not be able to give place to a shift or catch up of the activity. In case the client does not show up on the day of the booked dive or at the scheduled time, this will be considered as a last minute cancellation. The diving center reserves the right to keep the deposit or the total amount of the service paid by the client.

6. Obligations of the client

The client must personally ensure that he is in possession of all the qualifications and supporting documents required for the activity he wishes to carry out and provide proof of this to SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" before the service is provided. In particular when they are required: certificate, qualification, FFESSM license, medical certificate.

The validation of a training course of a diving level is sanctioned by the successful completion of practical and/or theoretical tests according to the training method or by examination. SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE " reserves the right not to issue a diploma if the client has not reached the minimum skills relative to the level claimed by the training. In this case, no reimbursement will be made, nor will free additional sessions be offered.


7. Cancellation, postponement, interruption of the diving service

By the customer

In accordance with Article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code, "the consumer has a period of seven clear days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify reasons or pay penalties, except, where appropriate, the cost of return. »

The period mentioned in the previous paragraph shall commence upon receipt in the case of goods or acceptance of the offer in the case of services or products. (Sending an e-mail confirmation of reservation or sending a deposit or full payment).

The right of withdrawal can be exercised by contacting the company by email: In case of exercising the right of withdrawal within the above-mentioned period, only the price of the services purchased will be refunded. After this period, the amount of the deposits paid will be definitively acquired by SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE".

SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE " reserves the right to accept the postponement of this deposit to other possible dates depending on the booking schedule.

For the good management of the places, especially on board the boat, in case of cancellation less than 48 hours before the beginning of the service, the service will be considered as due in full and all the sums already paid by the client will remain acquired by SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE ".

In the event of cancellation notified more than 48 hours before the start of the service, SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" may, if possible, offer the client another date so that he can carry out the reserved service within the limit of the calendar year in question. If the client is unable to change the date, all the sums already paid by the client will remain the property of SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE".

Any activity started will not give rise to any reimbursement, if the cancellation is due to the client, such as personal convenience, ear problems, equipment breakdown, stress or any other reason whatsoever.

SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE " reserves the right to refuse to continue the activity as a precautionary measure against danger or disruption of the activity for the diver or other divers.

In the case of a training course, a stay or a training course reserved for a defined period: SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" will not incur any liability if, for personal reasons, the client has to interrupt the training course, stay or training course started, or if the client does not show up at the place or on the date planned. In particular, the sums already paid will remain the property of SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE " and all expenses incurred will remain the responsibility of the client. Consequently, SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE " advises its clients to take out cancellation insurance with a competent body.


By the diving center

A diving service may be cancelled for weather or technical reasons without compensation due to the client.

In case of cancellation for meteorological or technical reasons, SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE " may propose the postponement of the service to another more favorable date, within the limit of available places. If the client is unable to postpone the services to another date, SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" undertakes to reimburse the amount of the services not carried out.

In all these cases of unforeseeable circumstances or events, the additional costs resulting from the partial postponement, total postponement or extension of the stay remain the responsibility of the client.


8. Security and personal belongings

SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE " is in no way responsible for the objects deposited or entrusted to the diving center or on the boat. SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE " cannot be held responsible for the theft or loss of personal belongings in the dive center or during the diving service.


9. Responsibilities

Obligation to cover civil liability during activities within the center.

SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE ", subscribes annually to a professional liability insurance for the civil liability coverage of its clients during its sessions and dives.

However, the client is advised to take out additional insurance (bodily injury and material damage) to practice the activity of scuba diving as well as cancellation insurance with an authorized organization. Possibility, through us, to subscribe a complementary personal insurance (article A321-4 of the sport code).


10. Website - Terms of use

SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE " explicitly reserves the right to modify, complete or delete all or part of the Website or its constituent elements at any time, to temporarily interrupt publication or to put a definitive end to it.

SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE " does not guarantee the connection or continuity of the connection to the Website.

SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" declines all responsibility for any consequences or damage suffered by the client as a result of or during the use, visit, connection or disconnection to the Website, including references to other sites via hypertext links on the Website.

SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" reserves the right to use cookies. A cookie is a computer file, stored on the hard disk of the client's computer. Its purpose is to indicate a previous visit of the Purchaser to the Website. Cookies are only used by ISULA in order to personalize the service offered to the client.

However, the client retains the option to refuse cookies by configuring his browser. He then loses the possibility to personalize the service delivered to him by SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" via the Website.

Certain pages of the Website may contain web beacons that make it possible to count the number of visitors to the Website and/or to provide SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" with a certain number of indicators.

These Web Beacons may be used with some of SAS SEA PROJECT " TIKI DIVE "'s partners, in particular in order to measure and improve the effectiveness of the Website.

In any case, the information obtained via these Tags is strictly anonymous and simply allows the collection of statistics on the frequentation of certain pages of the Website, in order to better serve the Website's customers.


11. Autonomy of closures and divisibility

In the event that one of the clauses of the present conditions becomes inapplicable or is null and void due to a change in legislation, regulations or by the effect of a court decision, this shall in no way affect the validity and compliance with the other provisions of the present conditions, all of which shall remain in force.


12. Preservation and archiving of transactions

SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE" reserves the right to choose the media required to archive invoices and other documents relating to any transaction in order to maintain reliable, accurate and lasting traceability.


13. Competent court

The GCS and the contractual relations between the parties are subject to French law to the exclusion of any conflict of law rules, including in the case of an order placed outside France or by a buyer domiciled outside France.

In the event of any difficulty relating to the interpretation and/or application of these terms and conditions of sale, the parties will try as far as possible to resolve their dispute amicably. In case of failure of these attempts, all disputes to which the present terms and conditions may give rise must be brought, even in case of plurality of defendants or guarantee calls, before the competent courts under the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of the area of the registered office of SAS SEA PROJECT "TIKI DIVE", i.e. the court of Toulon.


Legal information


SAS SEA PROJECT, trade name " TIKI DIVE ".

226 Avenue de la Castillane 83240 CAVALAIRE SUR MER

Phone 06 73 24 16 55

SIRET 880 714 597 R.C.S. Fréjus represented by JOUBERT Fabien

VAT : FR88880714597

Director of publication: Fabien JOUBERT


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We therefore decline all responsibility in the event of malfunctions or events that would degrade access to our service.

We also reserve the right to interrupt or suspend access for any reason (including, but not limited to, maintenance) without incurring any obligation or compensation.

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We disclaim all liability arising from force majeure or events beyond our control.



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